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The Web of Neonorne

Spinning the Fate of my Confusion

13 July
I am a Norwegian woman. I am an adult, married to my best friend, but have no children. (Sometimes that makes me sad, but I am not going to tell that story online.)

My first ambition, ever since I was a small child, was to become a writer. So in my early twenties, I sent manuscripts out - and was painfully rejected. So gave up - probably too soon. And had a very different career, in what was actually my third choice.

In my forties, I finally switched to my second choice career - which involved a 7 years university programme. I was very proud when I finally achieved that.

And then I started writing fanfiction, which I never published anywhere, but showed a few friends who loved it. Made me rediscover my love of writing. And then I got completely absorbed in this AU Sirius Black (character in Harry Potter) story. Took up all my spare moments and then some. My husband loved it and asked me: why can't you make this your own, when you devote so much energy to it, and it turns out to be so good? I argued hard why not, it wasn't mine. But then I looked again, and thought - well, it IS really a very alternate universe, this.

So I made it mine. I changed it to be about my characters, those I had lived with since early youth. And now I loath the fact that I have to go to my job every day to make a living, when writing is the only thing I want to do.

So I have finally made the switch back to my first choice career. If I will succeed - well, that's a very different story...

My tastes and interests are probably a mixture of reasonably mature and very childish, not to say infantile, and although I may be VERY fangirlish about some very silly things (Sirius Black SQUEEEE!!!!!) quality does come in to play somewhere. .. (I hope.)

Don't expect this journal to contain very many details of my private life. It will mostly be a place for me to rant. Probably mostly about writing, occasionally about other things as well. Which doesn't mean I won't post some personal notes from time to time.

As for friending policies, I have none. I don't think of the "friend" function on lj as committing to real friendhips in any kind of way, only as a way of following journals you might find interesting. If anyone should be at all interested in my random rants, by all means, feel free to friend me. You don't have to ask.